does that make me a hipster?

22 07 2010

so im totally into cameras lately. i just remembered that i have like 10 undeveloped films from years and i mean years ago and im wondering if i should even bother developing them…. im kinda tempted to do it myself… i mean i can. technically….

anyhow im jonesing for new holga camera, but of course myself being the instant gratification lover that i am want to get the holga with the instamatic back…. thats right i want a holgaloid in its full glory.
but then again the traditional holga just seems kick ass on its own… i mean i already have a polaroid…. meh i dont know i can always buy the converter later…. but mean while…… yeah this will be mine this weekend.

holda how do i love thee?

i am blaming this on my newest iphone app the histamatic that in essence makes your iphone into a holga camera…. im loving it. whats worse is that this little hobby of mine is going to cost me because i also found a burning desire for a lens baby…. imagine drooling now….

yeah so here are a few shots from my iphone that started it all… enjoy.



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