Downer Debby

10 01 2011

so its been weird but ive been really dark as of late. its not like me. although i am cynical and generally sarcastic it doesnt mean im a bad person or prone to dark thoughts….

however as of late i am.
well not really. im just really sensitive right now. like seriously the commercial that comes on for the iphone 4 was on repeat yesterday on comedy central and it was the one where the girl calls the guy up and tells him that hes going to be a daddy…. yeah i was in pieces. well not in pieces. but i was more like… “please hes more like … is it mine?”

see im just negative.


so… sleepy…..

7 10 2010

I was bored sooo I decided to do this fun little thingy!!! Feel free to steal it!

Hi, My name is: gianna

Never in my life have I been: ice skating. im uncoordinated enough thank you i dont need to kill myself with my own feet.

The one person who can drive me nuts is: my momma, but i love her

High School was: a long time ago. but it was alright i guess.

When I’m nervous: I make myself sick to stomach and get jittery

The last time I cried was: oh jeez. well like every time the wind blows just right… hahaha. no really im a hormonal ball of emotion right now.

My hair: is long, straight and brownish with hints of blond and a little red.

When I was 10: I was a major geekbutt that rocked out to Ace of Base… that I still love!!

Last Christmas: I got a cool nifty iphone i cant live without

I should be: working… but im yawning too much. that and im waiting on other people

When I look down I see: my totally awesome black on black checkerboard vans.

The happiest recent event was: hysterically laughing with the love of my life last night.

If I were a character on ‘That 70’s show I’d be: meh i guess donna.

By this time next year: ill be exhausted

My current gripe is: im soo tired of being so tired.

I have a hard time understanding: Obnoxiously Dramatic Close-minded People

There’s this girl I know that: reminds me alot of lisa

You know I like you when: i dont ignore you

If I won an award, the first person I would tell would be: wolf

Take my advice: sleep often

Something that I really want to buy is: a pretty new house

If you visited the place I was born: it would probably be pretty boring

I plan to visit: every place i can

The world could do without: Justin Beiber

I’d rather lick the belly of a cockroach than: i dont know thats pretty narly

Most recent thing I’ve bought myself: Cereal

Most recent thing someone else bought me: dinner :)

My favorite blonde: Rainbow Brite

My favorite redhead: Strawberry Shortcake

My middle name: Nicole

This morning: I feel like a friggin Zombie… soo sleepy!

The animals I would like to see flying besides birds are: Hippos!

Last night I was: Dishing on an awesome Eclair

There’s this guy I know who: totally likes scary movies like all the time.

I don’t know: anything really but its fun to figure it out

A better name for me would be: … nope i think my name suits me just fine.

Tomorrow I am: going to work…..

Tonight I am: wanting to sleeeeep

My Birthday is : not until next year

What I really wanted for Valentines day was: a sweet kiss. and i got it!

I like a guy named: wolf

My best friend’s name: judy

does that make me a hipster?

22 07 2010

so im totally into cameras lately. i just remembered that i have like 10 undeveloped films from years and i mean years ago and im wondering if i should even bother developing them…. im kinda tempted to do it myself… i mean i can. technically….

anyhow im jonesing for new holga camera, but of course myself being the instant gratification lover that i am want to get the holga with the instamatic back…. thats right i want a holgaloid in its full glory.
but then again the traditional holga just seems kick ass on its own… i mean i already have a polaroid…. meh i dont know i can always buy the converter later…. but mean while…… yeah this will be mine this weekend.

holda how do i love thee?

i am blaming this on my newest iphone app the histamatic that in essence makes your iphone into a holga camera…. im loving it. whats worse is that this little hobby of mine is going to cost me because i also found a burning desire for a lens baby…. imagine drooling now….

yeah so here are a few shots from my iphone that started it all… enjoy.

yeah im okay…

28 06 2010

the three most hated words in the english language.
at least to me. i hate that. i myself am guilty of uttering them. the funny thing is that if you have to answer the question that prompts such a response chances are, the person uttering those three dirty words, you my dear are very much not okay.

at least when i utter these words i am not okay. in fact im trying to hide that im not okay and then its usually followed by a fake smile. or a nervous laugh. or sometimes a fast change of subject.

today i am proud to say, no im not okay. in fact im the farthest from okay ive been in a while. but i look okay. im acting okay and by god, i even have a bit of a sense of humor to boot.

i know that when i get to this point i have 3 options to feed into.
1) the fuck it all attitude. – this is where my reply to everything is “fuck it all” and i no longer want to or care to try to give a flying fuck about anything…. here is an example:

Oh no! The sky is falling! We are all going to die!
my reply: meh, fuck it dude. nothing we can do about it anyhow. i want a slurpee.

2) the omg life sucks and i wallow in my own pit of despair over the fact that i cant do or say a damn thing right.- this is where my reply to everything sounds like it belongs in a morrissey song and that nothing will ever be right in the world. Here is an example:

Oh no! The sky is falling! We are all going to die!
my reply: oh god, life is so short, but what difference does it make if the sky falls or not to me everything is already black. no body cares if i die or not, nothing i do is worth anything. i would kill myself but that will just get messed up since i cant do anything right. not even t his awesome slurpee can lighten my mood.

and last but not least:
3) the oh dude that sucks attitude. – simply put i reply to my current situation with a … dude that blows. and go on with my life. here is an example:

Oh no! The sky is falling! We are all going to die!
my reply: dude that sucks, oh well aww my slurpees almost gone.(that last statement usually cast me back in to the pits of number 2)

right now, even though i am confident in saying that no im not okay, im more of a number 3. except for the slurpee being almost done… as you can see its quite full.

so what does this teach us?
a) i cant write a coherent blog when at work anywhere.
b) slurpees make everything better. except for when they are gone. then its a sad cold day in hell.