New Starts

9 11 2013

So a lot has been going on as of late… Well more or less inside the extra loud space in my head. But it seems to all be from a very interesting place. I’m not really sure why or what but it has me drawing, and making things again… So I’m not complaining. It does feel lot like a new start… A new chapter maybe. I’m not questioning it anymore. It seems to be more fun to just let it ride.

See all in all not horrible. But makes me feel happy. Finally! Now if only I can get more time to just do that… Or anything really that doesn’t center around toon disney or making pirate hats out of paper bags from trader joes.


Yeah and this totally happened… So much fun. It lead to spending way to much money but hey it’s so worth it when you think… Pfft what kid doesn’t want a pet dragon?
More on that later…
Ohh and epic Archer cosplay with Emilly the Strange!

Then a overly adorable booth by crowded teeth!

And ghostbusters! Well the car anyways… Oh and my nephew…


The end!