tired of people and games and stupidity… just tired.

9 10 2014

i find that as i get older i get angry at things i see, read and hear. i dont think its really anyone’s place to be so judgmental to anyone else considering we have no idea whats going on behind closed doors. that also may be the fact that my life is in shambles and would hate for someone to be judging me and being the semi good girl i was raised to be, i try not do what i dont like to others. that being said. i am so tired of people being self centered ignorant idiots.

Im all for expressing yourself. but please do so in an educated manner. I dont want to read about how you think abortions are wrong because babies…. i am tired of reading “im a feminist but i like when my man makes all the decisions and tells me what to do and how to think, really takes the pressure off of me.” Then you my dear are no feminist. Grow up. i totally feel for those poor women who have been objectified and abused simply because of fame… but i hate the dudes that I know who are totally whacking off to those pictures any change they get lecturing others or going off on long rants about how its wrong to even look at said pictures… fuck you dude, your a hypocrite, gross and sleazy and i dislike you.

speaking of dudes… if i like you, please do not get the wrong idea. i will be flirty. i just am. i will laugh at your jokes and will even tease you mildly. but i in no manner and or shape want to go steady with you. i do not want to meet your family, i dont want to hang out 24/7. if your my friend i expect you to be my friend. dont think that im friendly because i want anything more from you. i really dont. i am honestly so tired of people thinking i must want something when i really really dont. i picked you as a friend. respect that. be my friend.

also if a girl thinks your worth her time in the first place do not be a pussy. i get to watch my best friend navigate her way through tons of assholes… that being said… if you like a damn girl and the damn girl likes you be a man and step up. dont not call her because your afraid of looking needy. your an idiot. and girls… stop dating assholes. if he seems like an asshole, chances are hes not going to change all that much. you cant change him. and honestly you shouldnt want to.

of so ive ranted enough. just a few things i needed to get off my chest.